Getting in Touch

We would love to be able to reach out to you and/or hear from you; but we want you to be able to tailor your experience - so we have options you can choose on this page.

The forms you will need are further down the page.


If you're simply interested in hearing a little more, then you can just sign up to receive newsletters.

We believe in quality not quantity: so newsletters will normally be no more frequent than once a month.

Once you've signed up to our newsletter, you may also be invited to engage with us via other means that we're testing (eg Microsoft Kaizala.)

Specific Queries

Try out our contact form if you have a specific question or are of interest.

We'll aim to respond as soon as we can.

Please though bear in mind that we are still setting up our services, so there may be an initial delay - but if you also sign up to our newsletters you will be able to hear more about our progress.

Other Options

We do also use email, but normally as a last resort, as we aim to establish more modern and interactive communications and therefore prefer other platforms.

However, please do not hesitate to use our email address below if this is your preference.

We're building a bot

Feel free to try out our bot for quick queries ... but please be aware it's only early days in our development so it doesn't know much yet!

Link to our bot.

Newsletter Sign-up

Signing up is a 2-step process to confirm your email address.
You do not need to provide the other information but it is helpful to us if you do.

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You can email us, but we like to use email as a last resort: